acupuncture for weight loss


“Can acupuncture help me lose weight?” This is a common question that we receive. The answer is yes, acupuncture (and herbs) can help you lose weight, IF we use them to address the underlying reason for your weight gain.

For example, if you are a stress eater, we can address your stress and in doing so cut out the trigger that was causing you to overeat. If you are too fatigued and tired to exercise, we can address your fatigue and boost your energy so you feel up for physical activity. Or if you have pain issues that cause you not to be active (knee pain for example), we can address your pain so that you can add an early morning or after dinner walk into your daily routine.

If endocrine or hormone changes are the underlying cause for added weight, we can address these changes through acupuncture and herbs. If you feel constantly hungry, we can work on your gut health. Or if you have specific food cravings (for salt or sweets), we can address the associated organs in Chinese Medicine to help cut out the cravings. Sometimes our body craves things it actually needs and sometimes our body craves things based on habit. We can also discuss ways to address cravings and how to make other dietary changes.

However, it’s important to note that the acupuncture treatment itself will not reduce your calorie intake or burn calories. Acupuncture addresses the undying root cause of weight gain—it’s the mechanism used to bring your body back into a balanced state to support you in making healthier diet decisions and increase your energy and ability to exercise.

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