why use LED light therapy?

Sharon is certified in facial cosmetic acupuncture and often receives inquiries from her patients about skin rejuvenation. In order to meet the needs and inquires of her patients, we purchased a top-tier medical grade LED light therapy device.

LED light therapy allows patients to relax while they receive full body acupuncture, and they can still walk out of the office with a facial glow and no down time. For some patients, facial acupuncture is not as relaxing and detracts from their acupuncture treatment, and others may have upcoming events where a potential bruise on the face would not be welcome. LED light therapy is a great alternative to rebuild collagen and ATP.

This service is offered as an add-on to your acupuncture treatment or a la carte.

What is Lightwave LED Light Therapy?
Lightwave LED Light Therapy provides medical strength red, infra-red and blue light to stimulate, heal and restore the body.

Discovered by NASA, Photobiomodulation, another word for LED light therapy, has been shown in hundreds of studies to reduce pain, inflammation, discoloration, pigmented lesions, acne and wrinkles. It has proven to increase production of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen. It is best known for anti-aging therapy, however it goes way beyond skin deep. A recent Harvard study (2016) highlighted that consistent LED light therapy treatments significantly improve the performance of athletes.

After reviewing the NASA and Harvard Medical research and working with a number of clients facing skin challenges such as psoriasis, skin rashes, and acne, and seeing the benefits of LED Light Therapy first-hand, Spruce Acupuncture added this service to our offerings.

What can LED light therapy treat?
Light therapy can treat inflammation, wrinkles, acne, bruising, and provide post-procedure recovery and wound healing. It increases ATP and collagen production.

Why did you chose Lightwave LED?
We want our patients to receive the most value for their time and money. After numerous research and review of clinical studies, there are only two devices on the market that we found to be of the highest caliber with proven outcomes. The device we selected was also personally tested for efficacy.

Not all LED light devices are created equally. We recommend doing your research when considering LED light therapy. We are happy to provide more information regarding the Lightwave LED device that we use at Spruce Acupuncture, including before and after photos, clinical studies and images of tissue samples. We frequently receive questions from other acupuncturists for guidance based on our findings.

What is the treatment like?

  • We start by washing the skin and performing a mild exfoliation for increased light penetration
  • Protective googles are placed over the eyes
  • The light therapy device is placed very close to the area being treated
  • You relax and take a nap for the next 20 minutes!
  • If you are undergoing a topical light infusion treatment there is an extra step in the process to apply and remove the serum

How many treatments are needed?
Depending on your objective, an initial series of treatments is recommended for optimal results, followed by maintenance visits as needed. Some conditions, such as healing a bruise, may only require one or two treatments.

When will I notice results?
It depends. Blue light is an immediate fix for killing bacteria; we aren’t working with cellular activity so you get an instant effect. But with red and infrared, we are triggering collagen and elasticity, creating changes on a cellular level. This takes time. It could take a few weeks to a couple months before you start seeing changes. Keep in mind that the effects are cumulative. Therefore, your skin will continue to repair even after each treatment.

Can a hand held LED device or other devices do the same thing?
Devices that can be purchased in stores and online do not offer the same light strength or coverage area as professional medical grade devices. They may offer some benefit if done daily for spot treatments, however, you will not receive the same dosage of light therapy as with a medical device.

Unfortunately, there is a popular light mask on the market right now that only has 10-12 diodes and they are spread out. You cannot achieve a result with this amount of spread out diodes. The further away the diodes are from each other the less effective it is. You want a lot of densely populated diodes in order for an at-home device to garner results. So our best advice is to do your homework!

Can an LED light device be placed over acupuncture needles?
We receive this question frequently from other acupuncturists. In order to receive the maximum benefit from LED light, the device should be placed less than 1 inch from the skin. Therefore, it should not be placed over acupuncture needles. Skin should also be prepped properly to increase absorption and efficacy. The current trend to place dome LED light devices over the needles is simply not close enough to the skin nor is it a powerful enough device to produce the same results.

What is topical infusion light therapy?
This new topical infusion method has the ability to activate and infuse various topicals without damaging the skin or altering the topical formulations by using specifically formulated molecules small enough to penetrate to a much deeper level. In some instances we have found topical serums in combination with pulsed light therapy to advance the outcomes for our patients.

Are there contraindications for LED light therapy?
Certain medications such as Accutane, are contraindicated for light therapy. We will discuss this list with you prior to booking your appointment.

Can I use LED light therapy if I receive cosmetic injections?
Yes, in fact, we have patients who have come in for a quick treatment to get rid of a bruise following a cosmetic injection or procedure. The LED light speeds up healing and recovery time.

Please contact us for more details about LED Light Therapy, or to book your first appointment.